The process is shown in the flowchart below:

Step 1: EasySellers will automatically scrape orders. If the order status is "Shipped", it will go directly to "Shipped" in the system. If the status of the order that has been fetched in the system is changed to "Cancelled", the order will be returned to "Checking";

Step 2: The system will automatically check the orders which are under the checking status. The checking process includes: matching the product, determining whether the payment has been made, and determining whether it has been cancelled. If the checking process above is passed, the order will go to "New order", otherwise it will stay in "Checking". After the order status is updated to Shopline, the system will synchronize data, and the user can manually restart checking the order;

Step 3: Distribute inventory to the New orders, and the distribution determines whether the products to be shipped in the order have sufficient inventory. If the inventory is sufficient, the inventory will be locked and the order will be transferred to "Available for shipment", otherwise it will be transferred to "Out of Stock". After replenishment, inventory can also be distributed to the orders in "Out of stock" again;

Step 4: Shippable order. When you are ready to ship, select the order and click Change to "Shipping", and the order will be transferred to "Shipping";

Step 5: For the order being shipped, you can print the pick list and print the shipping label. After packing products of the order, click Change to "Shipped", the order processing is now complete . Before printing the shipping label, you need to place the order to the carrier. For carriers that have been connected via API, you need to click the "Synchronize delivery status". When the order is successfully sent to the carrier, the waybill number will be displayed. For Taiwanese shipping methods, you need to set the shipments to automatically perform in Shopline, so that the order will be automatically transmitted to 7-11 or icat, and the shipping label and waybill number will be obtained. If the waybill number and the shipping label have not been acquired, you can click "Synchronize delivery status" in EasySellers to update them after performing the shipment in Shopline.


You can import offline orders to deduct inventory for keeping inventory accuracy in EasySellers.

If there are orders from marketplaces that are not connected to EasySellers and need to be imported into the system to deduct product inventory, you can create this shop as a custom shop, and then import the shipped orders through Excel.

Step 1: Set up a custom store

[Settings]-[Platform Management]

Click the "Add" to create a new store, select "Custom" in the platform selection, fill in the necessary information and save it.

Step 2: Import the shipped orders


Click the "Import historical orders" to download the template of the order import, fill in the order information according to the importing template, then upload and import.

The Excel template for order import includes the following information:

Shop code:Required, the shop code of the custom store created in Step 1, make sure to fill in the correct shop code;

Order number:Required, the number of the order;

Order date:Required, the completion date of the order, the format can be: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss or YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss;

Total order amount: Required, the actual total amount paid for the order;

Product cost: Required;

Shipping cost: Required;

Payment method:Required, described in the text;

Receiver: Required, the name of the customer;

Country:Required, the country/region of the customer, Two-letter country codes(ISO);

Province/State:Non-required, the province/state of the customer;

City: Non-required, the city of the customer;

Postcode: Optional, the postcode of the customer;

Address 1: Required, the detailed address 1 of the customer;

Address 2: Optional, the detailed address 2 of the customer;

Phone number: Non-required, the customer's phone number;

Shipping method: Non-required, described in the text;

Waybill number: Non-required, the waybill number of the shipment;

Product No.1: Required, the SKU of product 1 in the shipped order;

Product quantity 1: Required, quantity shipped of product 1;

Product No.2: Non-required, the SKU of product 2 in the shipped order. If the order is less than 2 products, you can leave it blank;

Product quantity 2: Non-required, quantity shipped of product 2. If the order is less than 2 products, you can leave it blank;

Product No.3: Non-required, the SKU of product 3 in the shipped order. If the order is less than 3 products, you can leave it blank;

Product quantity 3: Non-required, quantity shipped of product 3. If the order is less than 3 products, you can leave it blank;

If there are more products, you can add "Product No.4" and "Product quantity 4" by yourself, and so on, up to 10 SKUs are supported.


[Order/Shipping]-[Synchronize delivery status]

EasySellers will synchronize the shipping method and waybill number of the order to the marketplace.

[Order/Shipping]-[Change to "Shipped"]

The order status will be synchronized to the marketplace.


The order just fetched will be automatically checked. If the check is passed, go to the "New order", if not, go to the "Checking".

The main reasons for the checking failure are as follows. You can see the reasons for the checking failure in the "Reminder".

1、The order is not paid

2、The products are not matched

3、The shipping method does not match


Yes, but orders cancelled in EasySellers will not be synchronized to the marketplace.


Firstly, you can save a common filter option based on your conditions.

Secondly, you select the filter option you saved, and click "Filter", then you can quickly search for the orders you want.


[Order/New Order] or [Order/Out of Stock]

Select the order that needs inventory distribution, and click "Allocate inventory". Choose "Allocate inventory (All)" or "Allocate inventory (selected)". If the inventory distribution fails, the order will go to "Out of stock". If the distribution is successful, the inventory will be automatically deducted and the order goes to "Shippable".


Not currently supported.