Welcome to use EasySellers to manage your shops.

EasySellers is an all-in-one system for online sellers. The functions include order processing, multi-warehouse inventory management, product management, customer management, authority, procurement, supplier management, after-sale and statistical report. We hope you enjoy the wonderful experience when using our ERP.

Order processing

EasySellers will auto fetch orders from your online orders of multiple marketplaces, and then auto checks the order's payment status, shipping method, warehouse and products. After the check passed, just one-click to allocate inventory to sales orders. The orders will be transferred to shippable or out-of-stock lists according to their status.

Inventory management

Inventory return, count, transfer and adjustment all can be achieved in EasySellers. You are able to record not only the quantity of qualified and unqualified products but also the reasons for unqualified products. The system will auto deduct inventory quantity according to the distribution. You can also set the default warehouse to ship products. EasySellers helps you to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and the real-time inventory will be auto-updated to platforms, preventing customers to purchase out-of-stock items.

Product management

EasySellers supports bulk importing and recording product information. You can set product categories and add multiple product specifications, including color and size. EasySellers also provides assembly products & bundled products management. When you use the pre-assembly function, the system will auto deduct component product inventory quantity to generate assembled product quantity. For non-pre-assembly products, the number of product components will be identified and the number of assembly products will not appear on the dashboard.

Customer management

EasySellers helps you to auto collect and record customer-related information based on orders, information includes customer location, consumption amount, platforms, historical orders and purchased products. Running an email marketing campaign is easy in EasySellers. You can set conditions to screen out target customers, and the system will bulk send advertisements to them through Email. Moreover, you can also add unpopular customers to the blacklist, avoiding unfriendly people to make fake orders and defraud.

EasySellers also has a warranty assistant function. The system will auto send the warranty identification code to customers, allowing the customer to view the product warranty details.

Procurement management

As for procurement management, you can set the procurement cycle and safety stock level. The inventory alert function will remind you to purchase inventory when the product is below the safety stock level. In addition, intelligent procurement suggestions will provide the purchase quantity as a reference based on the average sales volume and procurement cycle, helping you solve the purchasing problem.

EasySellers also provides supplier information management. After you set preferred suppliers, the system will automatically select preferred suppliers for purchase orders, but you can change to other suppliers as you like. Moreover, EasySellers will identify products from the same supplier and generate a purchase order.

After-sales management

In the module of after-sale management, you can easily record returns, which means the system will increase the corresponding inventory after receiving the returns.

The replaced products, repair products and unreceived products will also be recorded in this module.

Authority management

You are able to create custom job roles and record role operation behaviors (Every operation will be recorded in the system for review).

You can also delegate authority. The administrator can delegate different authorities to various roles. In order to avoid authority abuse, specific roles can only access job-related data and operations.

Scrape products

You can scrape all the product information to EasySellers for editing with one click, and publish it to multiple stores from various marketplaces at the same time by listing drafts.

You can scrape up to 10 products at a time through product links.

The scraping plug-in can help you scrape products directly on the product detail page.

Bulk publish

In EasySellers, you can publish multiple products in bulk to stores on different marketplaces at one time, saving you time.

Shop migration

All the listed products in a store can be easily moved to another store in EasySellers. Supports shops between different platforms.

Image watermark & Image translation

You can add your store's exclusive watermark to product images on EasySellers.

EasySellers provides the image translation function and supports multi-language translation. EasySellers can automatically translate every word on a product image, and you can manually move or edit them.


Currently supports Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, eBay, Shopline. We will continue to cooperate with more marketplaces, so stay tuned!


[Settings]-[Platform Management]-[Select Shopline]

Click "Add"

Fill in the information according to the instructions in the figure below and save it.

After saving, the system will automatically check the filled TOKEN. If the TOKEN is valid, the valid status will be displayed in the list. If the API concatenation status is invalid, please confirm whether the filled TOKEN is correct.


[Settings]-[Staff account]

The users of the system are divided into the initially registered account (that is the administrator of the business) and ordinary staff accounts.

2 steps to add an ordinary staff account:

Step 1 is to set the role of the staff account. The role is a template of permissions. For example, the role of "Salesman" only gives permission to process orders. To add a role, click the "Add role", and the system will pop up a window as shown below:

Set whether to allow the detailed permission items of each function in each function template and save it.

Step 2 is to add employee accounts and set their corresponding roles. To add a staff account, please click "Add", and the system will pop up a window as shown in the figure below:

Fill in the corresponding information as shown and save it.


[Settings/Platform Management]-[Select lazada]-[Add]

Fill in the shop code and shop account number

Upload the shop LOGO

Check the authorized staff

Click "Save and authorize"

Jump to Lazada

Fill in the Email and password

Click "Submit" to complete the authorization


EasySellers supports adding custom platforms


[Settings/Function settings]

EasySellers will auto calculate the available inventory of online products based on the inventory of My products, and real-timely sync the inventory to the online products through API concatenation. When the inventory of My products is not enough to meet the inventory threshold set by you, EasySellers will only keep the inventory of the most sold product, and the same product of other marketplaces will be changed as pre-sale.


[Settings/Function Settings]

EasySellers will automatically generate a warranty code for each order, and automatically sends SMS and E-mail to notify customers to activate the warranty code after shipment.


1. Shipping methods that EasySellers has integrated

[Settings/Shipping Settings], select [Platform Shipping Method], drop down to select the shipping method that has been built in the system on the right side. If the shipping method of the shop is not displayed, you should go to [Settings]-[Platform Management] to find the corresponding platform to sync the shipping method of the shop.



2. Shipment methods that EasySellers has not integrated

For logistics providers that EasySellers has not integrated, if you want to process the order normally in the system, you should manually fill in waybill number into the order. To implement this process, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create a custom carrier and shipping method.

[Settings]-[Shipping settings]

Click the "Add" to create a carrier. After the carrier is added, click the name of the carrier, and then add the shipping method. In addition, you need to fill in the carrier's tracking URL (this URL will be submitted to Shopline or other marketplaces in the future).

Step 2: Connect the shipping method in platforms with the actual shipping method, please refer to the shipping settings.

Step 3: After the order reaches the shipping state, fill in the waybill number in the order details.

After the order reaches the shipping status, fill in the waybill number in the order details. The actual operation is to click the order number in the shipping order list to access the order details, then click "Fill in waybill number" to enter it and click save. When the order is marked as shipped, the system will automatically submit the waybill number and logistics tracking URL to the platform (Shopline).

3. How to convert US dollars into the customer's local currency for ACS logistics COD mode?

For the COD money collection mode of ACS, if the amount of the order is denominated in US dollars, you can convert the US dollars into the customer’s local currency when issuing the logistics order under API concatenation status. The operations are as follows:

After the carrier is successfully created, click the name of the carrier you just created, and add the shipping method.

Step 2: Connect the platform shipping method with the custom shipping method

Step 3: Fill in the waybill number in the order details

[Settings]-[Shipping settings]

Find the ACS in the carrier list, click it, and then select the target currency and the exchange rate of the US dollar in the shipping method. Under the API concatenation status, when EasySellers places the logistics order, the order amount in USD will be automatically converted into the amount of the target currency.