In the last blog, we shared how to find a proper product to sell online, and probably you know the importance of picking a niche market. Now in this blog, we will discuss how to find a niche product.

What is a niche market?

If you select a niche market, it is easy for you to carry out individually targeted campaigns to attract audiences.

Directions to find a niche market

You can start off with 2 directions. One is to find things that people have an interest in. Another is to identify what customers need. Everyone will spend money on his hobbies and things he really needs, so you should consider from the 2 angles.

Look for inspiration

There are 2 methods that can help you find inspiration. The first one is Google search. When you enter some keywords in the Google search, Google will automatically recommend some long words for you to search. Those words must be searched a great number of times (which means a large number of people are interested in them), so Google will show them to you. Through this mechanism, it is a great chance for you to identify some interesting things and dig out a niche product.

Another method is to review the best sellers of Amazon. It does not mean that you should follow those sellers and sell the same products. Knowing what products are selling well may provide you with some ideas. It is also a way to understand the customer's preference. When you are sensitive to the market, it is easy to select a profitable product.

Follow the trend

After having an inspiration for niche products, you should capitalize on a data tool to verify whether the product has a market. It is recommended to use Google trend as the tool. Google trend is an analysis tool based on data. You can search for the trend of any keyword to identify whether the product can meet your expectations. It needs to be emphasized that Google trend supports investigating the trend of different countries, so if you only focus on one country or a few countries, it is easy for you to find the trend.

Identify the validity

There are 3 straight methods to check whether customers will buy your niche products. Firstly, Google search for the keywords of niche products to see if anyone is advertising similar products. Secondly, search on Amazon to find if there are a lot of product sales. Thirdly, if your product is a digital product, you can check whether it is sold on Clickbank(外贸运营那点小事,2020). If 2 of the results look good, this niche product probably is a proper one.

Final words

Picking a profitable niche product is not an easy thing, and maybe sometimes it needs a bit of luck. However, if you follow the methods from this essay, it can provide you with some angles to think and test your ideas, which prevents many avoidable mistakes during product selections.