Run multiple online shops through EasySellers

EasySellers is built on cloud technology, and no client installation is required. Online shops in multiple marketplaces can be run on a web browser.

Automatic order processing saves your time

Auto fetch sales orders from trading platforms

Auto check the order's payment status, shipping method, warehouse and products

Support order splitting & order merging

Allocate inventory to sales orders with one-click

Multi-warehouse inventory management ensures the accuracy of stocks

Inventory return, count, transfer, adjustment

Record the quantity of qualified and unqualified products

Set the default warehouse for shipping products

Auto-update real-time inventory to platforms, preventing customers to purchase out-of-stock items

Customer management helps you maintain customers loyalty and promote products easily

Auto collect and record customer information

Bulk Email marketing: Set conditions to screen out target customers and run the Email marketing campaign

Warranty Assistant: Auto send the warranty identification code to customers, allowing the customer to view the product warranty details

Product Scraping

Scrape products from multiple platforms

Quickly publish these products to other platforms

Multi-store product management

Automatically synchronize the products from the store

Quickly publish products to the store

Bulk edit product information in the store

Shop Migration

Auto copy products to other stores on the same platform

Automatic conversion of product information between different platforms

Our Superiority

Advanced technology

We have 20+ software copyrights to support services and our core technical team members all have 10+ years of experience.


EasySellers has served for 10 years with a stable system and ongoing technical support, and won a good reputation.

Data security

We use confidential agreements, division of authority and data encryption to avoid data leakage.

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